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DejaPromoAd2Choosing the right credit card processor is a serious business decision.  There is much more than meets the eye than simply swiping a card through a machine and the funds automatically appearing in your account.  Credit card processing involves multiple parties working simultaneously to process and authorize the credit card, communicate the approval to the settlement bank, scan the transaction for fraudulent activity, and to release the funds into the merchants bank for deposit.

Adding to this complexity is the fact that each business is unique in its needs to process payments. There is a multitude of products available to accomplish this goal such as Credit Card Machines, POS Systems, Secure Payment Gateways for E-Commerce, Smart Phones and Tablets as well as Industry Specific Software for Computers.  The type of product a merchant will need and how they will process credit cards determines the type of merchant account required to bring it all together.

It is imperative to have a qualified, experienced partner, with extensive, reliable and secure networks to manage your account. The capabilities and experience of your processor determine the type of hardware or software from which a you can choose, the applications those products can run, and the support they will receive if and when the need arises.  Your choice will also determine how fast you will get your funds, the reliability, security and speed of the network on which credit cards are processed, the effectiveness of the Risk Department in dealing with chargebacks, fraud and irregular transactions, and the overall service and assistance you receive in a time of need.

1st National Payment Solutions has long standing relationships with multiple top processors industrywide. Our longevity in the industry, our impeccable reputation along with the sheer size and quality of our merchant portfolio enables us to offer merchants secure dependable solutions, at the most competitive rates available in conjunction with superior service and support.  Through 1st National a merchant can accept any and all payment types using most any product of their choice.

1NPS has specialized solutions for many business types as indicated above. We are constantly developing new products for niche markets and are willing and capable of customizing secure hardware, software and gateway products to meet the needs of most any merchant.  If you don’t see your particular product or business listed do not hesitate to contact us.

Interested in what 1st National can do for your business? Give us a call or complete our “quick quote” request. Our qualified merchant service advisors are waiting to hear from you.

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