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Religious Organizations & Church Credit Card Processing

Dejavoo Free Credit Card TerminalsChurches & Religious organizations have similar payments requirements as do many non-profits entities. These payment processing needs can be varied including donations and fundraising both in person and online. Rate structures can vary dramatically based on the balance of in-person, card present transactions and those that are processed in the absence of the physical card.

Because of these payment processing variations, we’d need to know more about your requirements before we could suggest which of the basic merchant accounts would become the foundation for a responsible rate tier. It’s a successful rate foundation that empowers you to accept credit card payments easily without needlessly losing valuable funds from your proceeds.

What is different about Church Credit Card Processing?

Church Credit Card Processing

1st National offers special values to Faith Based Organizations

What makes the payment processing characteristics of Church credit card processing different are the various means by which credit cards will need to be accepted. Many transactions might not be face-to-face as may be the case with phone, mail, or online donations and fundraising. Other situations might require a mobile means of accepting payments via Smartphone or wireless solutions.

Many card issuers can offer credit card processing discounts at such point as the organization  demonstrates their non-profit status.

Another notable difference is that non-profit organizations may be entitled to reduced processing rates and/or services. Many card issuers can offer credit card processing discounts at such point as the organization demonstrates their non-profit status.

For those that have short term or seasonal Church credit card processing requirements, we can also assist with solutions which may not require contracts, cancellation fees, or minimums.

Interested in what 1st National can do for your Church’s Credit Card Processing needs? Give us a call or complete our “quick quote” request. Between our well rounded inventory, Class A Settlement Banks & Processors, and a full suite of Merchant services, our talented agents are sure to be of value.

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Church Credit Card Processing Equipment

Any solution that we recommend will reflect the particular requirements of your organization. With such a tailored approach we can provide exemplary benefit including complimentary payment gateways that can let you accept payments online, or via the phone.

Other solutions might be derived from our Free Terminal Placements program (free credit card machines), complimentary Smartphone Applications and discounted Devices. We also have discounted pricing & preferred lease financing for larger, more complex ventures.

As with any Merchant Account solution, the ability for your processor to understand your requirements is paramount. But with that, you also need a processing partner with both the inventory and trusted relationships to deliver the special value you require.

For those of you who are 1st National customers you should be aware that your discounts can be quite aggressive, so please make sure you talk to us before purchasing from our cart.

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