Mobile Credit Card Processing Solutions

Mobile Credit Card Processing is an absolute necessity for many merchants in the increasingly fast-paced business world. 1st National Payment Solutions offers a complete line of Secure EMV Chip Card Mobile Payment Systems. No matter what the business type, location or specific need 1st National has a reliable solution to get you paid immediately at the point-of sale.


The Swipe Simple mobile app and EMV Chip credit card readers form a full-featured and easy-to-use mobile payment system allowing merchants to accept credit cards anywhere.

  • Accept Credit Card and Cash Payments
  • Track Inventory and Sales
  • Signature Capture
  • Text or Emailed Receipts
  • Durable Responsive EMV Chip Card Readers Built for Security
  • Multi User Multi Merchant Interface
  • Use on Tablet or Smartphone.
  • Available for both iOS and Android

Prepare purchases in seconds, and process credit card and cash payments quickly. Customers sign and tip on your mobile device, and receipts are texted or emailed. Utilize the multi-user function to track sales rep and location performance. Take advantage of Swipe Simple’s Inventory Control functions combined with powerful, real time reporting tools available through the visual dashboard to organize and understand purchase data and make smart business decisions.

Swipe Simple is a Superior, Mobile EMV Chip Credit Card Processing System, at an affordable price making it second to none.

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There are many choices available when it comes to wireless credit card machines merchants can utilize to process credit cards in a mobile environment. The features, prices and the coverage areas on these devices vary drastically. There are many great products out there, but there are a lot of inferior ones as well. While the reliability of the device is crucial, the service and support of the manufacturer is paramount. Though field testing, over many years 1NPS recommends several from manufacturers that produce quality terminals and stand behind their products.

  • ATT GPRS 3G Network
  • EMV Chip Card Compliant
  • Longest Life Battery Industrywide
  • Lightning Fast
  • ATT GPRS 3G Network
  • GPRS, WiFi & Etherrnet Combo
  • EMV Chip Card Certified
  • Flexible & Affordable
  • ATT GPRS 3G Network
  • Verizon CDMA 3G Network
  • EMV Chip Card Compliant
  • Dual Network Capability

Although it might be hard to determine which mobile payment system is best for you, rest assured 1NPS will educate you, determine your needs and to provide you with a secure, cost effective mobile credit card processing platform within your budget.

We offer many different plans to meet the needs of any merchant whether it be our seasonal plans, free terminal placements, payment plans and lease to own.

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1st National has made it a point to sell, service & support the most technologically advanced Wireless and Portable Credit Card Processing Machines, Smart Phone and Tablet Credit Card Processing Software & Hardware, and Wireless Gateway Products in the industry. Our Wireless terminals are PCI Compliant, EMV Capable, available of both CDMA and GPRS Networks and feature Long Life Batteries, Internal Pin Pads for ATM / Debit, Gift & Loyalty Processing, and Advanced Applications to fulfill the needs of any business type. Our Smartphone and Tablet Solutions, available on Apple, Android and Blackberry products, do so much more than simply accept the swipe of a card. These gateways feature the capability of up to 10 devices on 1 account, bar code scanning and inventory control, emailing and printing of receipts, cash sale tracking, as well as sales tax and tip entry and reporting. All of our Mobile Payment Systems offer the merchant the ability to process all forms of electronic credit, debit and check card payments in a mobile environment, without the need of a phone line or power. These products are time tested and offer all of the features a business would need regardless of the situation.