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Non-Profit Credit Card Processing

Dejavoo Free Credit Card TerminalsThe processing needs of a non-profit, charitable organization, or fundraising entity can be substantially varied. In many cases, the organization might benefit by a rate reduction associated with swiped transactions, also known as “Card Present” or “CP.” This is consistent with what we’d consider a “Retail Merchant Account.”

Other organizations may sell products or do fundraising online or via the phone. A representative solution for this segment might require a payment gateway that interfaces with a web-site, or a virtual terminal that lets the agent accept credit cards by typing the information into either a processing application or website. The rate structure for this solution would be similar to a MOTO Merchant Account (Mail Order / Telephone Order).

For more information about the differences regarding these types of accounts, consider visiting our Merchant Accounts page.

What you should know about Non-Profit Credit Card Processing

Non-Profit Credit Card Processing & Non-Profit Merchant Accounts

Non-profit Organizations may be entitled to a reduced processing rates or services

The most notable difference about a non-profit is that your organization may be entitled to a reduced processing rates or services. Many card issuers can offer discounts at such point as you can demonstrate your non-profit status.Many Churches may fall into this category.

The most notable difference about a non-profit is that your organization may be entitled to a reduced processing rates or services.

1st National, for example, can offer rate discounts, in addition to aggressive discounts on equipment and perhaps even help by providing Web Hosting and design services. In addition, we can assist with short term non-profit credit card processing solutions which may not require contracts, cancellation fees, or minimums.

Interested in what 1st National can do for your non-profit organization? Give us a call or complete our “quick quote” request. Between our well rounded inventory, Class A Settlement Banks & Processors, and a full suite of Merchant Services, our talented agents are sure to be of value.

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Non-Profit Credit Card Processing Equipment

As a non-profit, you might need to accept payments in a variety of ways such as via a Smartphone, standard swipe devices (phone line, WiFi, Wireless), via a website, or virtual terminal mentioned earlier. Many of these solutions are available via our Free Terminal Placement program (Free Credit Card Machines) that may be of value to your organization.

Most of the equipment examples below can be made available through our Free Terminal Placement Program. For the best value, please be sure you let us know if you are a non-profit organization.

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