Electronic Check Collections

It’s inevitable, no matter how cautious you are, if you accept checks you are going to get some returned for Non-Sufficient Funds. 1NPS has an easy and convenient way to collect on these NSF checks at no cost to you. Using this service merchants can eliminate the hassle associated with tracking down check writers and making collection calls.

Merchant simply posts notices at the point-of-sale and write their collections ID number on the face of all checks prior to deposit. If a check is returned NSF, your bank will automatically forward the check to 1NPS to be placed in queue for electronic presentment. The entire process is handled electronically and the full face value of the NSF check is reimbursed once collected at no charge to you.

In addition to NSF checks, merchants can also receive protection from returned checks that are not NSF. By taking advantage of this option, we will attempt to collect all returned checks. Checks collected under this supplemental program are reimbursed to the merchant at 65% of the face value.

Merchant Benefits

  • Simple, NO COST electronic collection of NSF Checks
  • Returned checks can be automatically directed from your bank to 1NPS
  • Collected checks paid monthly via electronic deposit
  • No equipment or check authorizations required
  • Collections services available on other types of returned checks

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