Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture allows merchants to process and deposit all types of paper checks remotely thereby eliminating the need to physically take checks to the bank.

1st National’s secure web-based software combined with a check imager facilitating a simple method of converting the paper check into an encrypted electronic image for immediate deposit. Through use of the 1NPS Remote Deposit capture program any check payment including personal, corporate, cashiers, or other, received in person, by mail or drop box locations can be captured and converted to electronic funds transfer (EFT) transactions for deposit directly into a merchant’s bank account. RDC will improve the availability of funds, simplify and speed up the check deposit process, decrease deposit and return check fees, and increase collection rates, resulting in a significant cost savings to the merchant.

High Volume Remote Deposit Capture Solutions
  • High Volume (batch) Solution allows for running batches of 30, 60, or 90 checks per minute using high-speed imagers.
  • High Volume (batch) processing also provides CAR/LAR technology to read and import dollar amount off of each check.
Single-Feed Solutions

Low Volume (single feed) Solution allows for running single checks and manually keying the dollar amount using the RDM 7011 dual-sided imagers.

Remote Deposit Capture Features

  • Process all check types including corporate, consumer, cashier’s, traveler’s, and money orders
  • Allows repair and balance operations
  • Allows input of custom data such as name or invoice number
  • Allows for MICR repair
  • Allows for establishing rules-based parameters to accept, reject, or balance the deposit within a set dollar amount

Remote Deposit Capture Benefits

  • Improves the availability of funds on check deposits
  • Reduces or eliminates check deposit and return check fees
  • Increases collection of non-sufficient (NSF) check
  • Reduces risk by providing return information much quicker
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for multiple deposit and sweep accounts
  • Reduces administrative costs associated with preparing deposit slips, encoding checks, transporting checks, and reconciling deposits.

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