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Free Dejavoo Credit Card Machine1st National Payment Solutions offers Free Placement of Credit Card Machines, Wireless Credit Card Terminals, and Smartphone Credit Card Processing Devices to most retail merchants and mobile merchants who anticipate monthly credit card processing volumes in excess of $2,500 per month. In addition, our FREE Payment Gateway promotions are available to many of our new customers regardless of monthly minimums.

The merchant account fees for these terminals are straight-forward and competitive. All units are state of the art, reliable, and carry a terminal replacement guarantee. Please call us today to see if our “Free Terminal Placement” is a good fit for your business.

Merchant Alert: Free Credit Card Machine offers are common in this industry. Unfortunately, many companies will use this offer as an opportunity to include buried fees, long term contracts, penalties, etc.

Our FREE Terminal, Gateway & Smartphone Solutions

*Please note that this offer is for a free terminal placement. These terminals are loaned to the merchant as long as the merchant retains a merchant account with 1st National Payment Solutions. Upon expiration of the Merchant Account, the customer may extend the agreement, and retain the equipment for another term. Alternatively, the customer may simply return the terminal/equipment and the account will be closed with no termination fee.

Interested in what 1st National can do for your business? Give us a call or complete our “quick quote” request. Between our well rounded inventory, Class A Settlement Banks & Processors, and a full suite of Merchant Accounts and Merchant services, our talented agents are sure to be of value.

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