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1ST National Payment Solutions is on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to credit card terminals capable of handling all of the new requirements in the merchant service industry. The 2015 EMV Deadline is looming.  Many card issuers are already providing their cardholders with EMV Cards.  To top that off many consumers are arming themselves with mobile wallets and contactless credit cards for both fraud prevention and convenience.

Today’s merchants need a terminal that can handle all types of transactions including Mag Stripe, Contactless, EMV, RFID, NFC . Our terminals do all of this and more. Available in Dual Comm, Wi-Fi & Wireless with built in loyalty / rewards programs, employee time tracking and many other advanced applications these superior processing devices will satisfy all business and card industry requirements now and in the future.

Delaying the required credit card terminal upgrade could be a costly mistake in more ways than one.  Merchants who put this off are putting themselves at risk of losing valuable sales by not being able to accept all transaction types and are exposing themselves to increased fraud and potential fines by continuing to run archaic non-compliant hardware. Furthermore, merchants waiting until the deadline might find themselves in a position where they are forced to pay a premium for a unit or are not able to obtain one at all due to lack of supply and overwhelming last minute demand.  The time to act is now!!

1st National Payment Solutions provides FREE TERMINAL PLACEMENTS of these technologically advanced credit card processing devices. Apply with us today to get your free machine along with our superior service & support and the lowest merchant account rates in the industry.

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