Wireless & Mobile Merchant Accounts

Wireless & Mobile Merchant Accounts - Wireless & Mobile Credit Card Processing

Sometimes Mobile Merchants require a payment solution more robust that what a Smartphone can offer.

As with the Retail Merchant Account, Wireless & Mobile Merchant Accounts also serve merchants that normally have the credit card in possession at the time of the transactions. These account types are often referred to as CP (Card Present), or swipe accounts. And because the card is present, the risk of fraud is lower and the rates reflect this risk.

So when referring to Wireless & Mobile Merchant Accounts we are generally referring to a wireless retail account. The merchants in this case are relying on point of sale via swiping the card on a terminal, contactless payments or virtual wallet. These requests are then passed to a wireless or WiFi network for processing and authorization.

What you should know about Wireless & Mobile Merchant Accounts

You don’t have to have a Wireless & Mobile Merchant Account to have the ability to process credit cards remotely. This is because not all of our Smartphone processing solutions fall into this category. A Smartphone solution may not have a swipe reader, which would generally be defining characteristic for this account type.

Instead what you’ll find common with a typical wireless account is the reliance upon some very robust and flexible equipment dedicated to the task. For example, a wireless terminal might use a store & forward feature. This lets you accept swiped transaction even if you don’t have wireless connectivity. In this case, if you don’t have phone line, internet connection, or WiFi, you can swipe your cards as normal; print your receipts, etc., while all the information is securely held on the machine until such time as it can be uploaded.

Sometimes businesses can’t rely on an employee to have a Smartphone, or perhaps, what if you need your phone available while also processing transactions? And while Smartphone’s are often great for many venues, they might not be durable in many dusty or damp environments. Not to mention, many of our solutions have more powerful antenna’s making it much more likely they’ll work where your Smartphone can’t.

Others may benefit from a solution that resembles a remote POS (Point of Sale) system. Perhaps one that runs on a PC with the ability to swipe, monitor inventory, print receipts, or maybe even a cash drawer. It’s for this reason that we only recommend and advocate solutions based on your particular business requirements.

In the end, a mobile merchant might have any number of requirements. And because 1st National has terrific agents and a diverse inventory, you can trust that our recommended Mobile Merchant Accounts are likely the best available. We think it this provides you a greater value than trusting a provider with a single rate structure and a single product.

Interested in what 1st National can do for your business? Give us a call or complete our “quick quote” request. Between our well rounded inventory, Class A Settlement Banks & Processors, and a full suite of Merchant services, our talented agents are sure to be of value.

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Wireless / Mobile Equipment Examples

1st National offers a variety of Wireless and Mobile Swipe solutions. Below you’ll find a few popular options that might meet your companies needs.

For those of you who are 1st National customers you should be aware that your discounts can be quite aggressive, so please make sure you talk to us before purchasing from our cart.

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