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Dejavoo Systems X8 Credit Card Machine

Dejavoo Systems X5 Credit Card Machine

The Dejavoo Systems X5 Credit Card Machine offers all the benefits of the X Line with a Linux Based OS, high-speed transactions and unrivaled flexibility of connection and secure communication. With a total of 15 well lit keys Merchants will easily navigate in and out of as many applications and various transactions types. Each Transaction displays various editing formats or options on screen to void, return, display, print or receive online Help for transactions. Load the Dynamic “My Favorites” option and get Value Added Programs as they become available.


Product Description

Dejavoo Systems X5 Credit Card Machine with Printer

The Dejavoo System X5 Credit Card Machine allows users to securely access a broad set of new applications. Ask  “What can my terminals do for me in excess of Card Processing?” The Dejavoo X5 features unrivalled connectivity with its Front End Ware (FEW) OEM server to facilitate constant ongoing communication between Dejavoo terminals and various back end applications improving satisfaction, retention and most importantly promoting and generating residual income for ISO’s and merchants.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • Compact and modular
  • Back lit keys and Display
  • 8Mb for Multi-programs
  • 24 Mb Flash data
  • Secure EMV PIN Pad
  • PCI Security
  • Fast modem
  • Real Time Help menu


  • Display: Graphical, 128X64 Pixels , Icons Bar
  • Keypad: PCI Secured, EBS 100 v3 compliant,18 Keys
  • Security: PCI Certified, PTS, EAL4, 3DES & RSA Algorithm, M/S & DUKPT Key Management
  • Card Readers:  Bi-Directional Mag Stripe reader, Built in EMV 4.0 Smart Card Reader
  • SAMs/GSM SIM Reader: SAM readers: 4 SIM format 3 SIM format+1Full (optional)
  • Communication / Modem: V22, V22bis (1200 Bps, 2400 Bps) V32, V32bis (9600 BPS, 14400 Bps)
  • Processor: Dual 32-bit Core architecture; ARM9; 200MHz
  • Memory: 24 MBytes flash – 16 Mbytes SDRAM – 8Mbytes of Flash
  • Peripheral Ports: 1 simple RS232 (Rx, Tx, Ground) 1 RS Pin pad, 2 USB Host



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