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NURIT 2059i POS Transaction Register

NURIT 2059i POS Transaction Register

The NURIT 2059i POS Transaction Register is an all-in-one retail storefront Point-Of-Sale solution. It is equipped to handle virtually any payment type. You can add on a barcode scanner which will increase checkout times, add on a smart card reader and PIN pad to accept debit cards. The NURIT 2059i will meet your customers needs today and tomorrow, while improving your business performance. In addition, it can keep track of staffing hours through time card management; price look-up file management; inventory control and management; and general business management.  The NURIT 2059i can be used as a stand-alone or easily linked within a larger network or multi-location environment.

Retail point-of-sale countertop space is prime commercial real estate. And, as anyone in the business can tell you, every square inch counts. There’s just no room for a clutter of independent credit card processing devices, each handling only a limited aspect of today’s multiple purchase formats: cash, checks, credit, debit EBT and smart card transactions. The NURIT 2059i POS Transaction Register integrates all transaction functions into one robust, intuitive and easy-to-use merchant account solution.


Product Description

NURIT 2059i POS Transaction Register

The NURIT 2059i Integrated Transaction Register, complete with Internet-enabled back-office support, provides everything today’s point-of-sale environment demands in a smart, all-in-one, retail transaction solution. Add a compact footprint that handles all of your transaction needs on one easy-to-use device, and the NURIT 2059i becomes your in-store total transaction control center. This POS System / Credit Card machine is capable of supporting all forms of electronic payments including cash, checks, credit, debit, EBT and smart cards. It is an intelligent device that integrates all transaction functions into one robust, intuitive and easy-to-use solution. Furthermore, using the optional barcode scanner allows faster checkout and minimizes cashier errors. The NURIT 2059i POS machine can also accept an additional plug-in card to support expanded communication capabilities to connect to future networks or peripherals. Enhanced by powerful web-based business management applications, such a register would allow smaller retailers to benefit from the software functionality that larger department stores utilize.

The NURIT 2059i POS Register comes complete with business management applications that are accessible over the Web. This POS System give merchants access to the business applications large department stores have at their fingertips, without having to pay for expensive full-featured management applications? Lipman’s Web browser accessible back-office software enables merchants to perform a variety of key retail management functions, including monitoring and managing stock, looking up pricing, posting accounting entries with multi-journal support, maintaining clients, even keeping track of staffing hours through employee time card management. The NURIT 2059i POS System takes the traditional cash register model to a whole new level of productivity and performance. The NURIT 2059i is not only a cost-effective solution because of its integrated all-in-one design, but it’s also quite affordable in and of itself. It is expressly designed for smaller retail operations, whose modest capital expenditure budgets don’t stop such entrepreneurial merchants from holding their businesses to higher and more demanding standards of performance. The NURIT 2059i also attracts multi-location franchisees, such as temporary tenants, cart operators and seasonal businesses that need cost-effective registers than can deliver quality, security and dependable performance. Lipman understands these management needs and delivers a powerful solution.

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  • Works as an all-in-one standalone solution or can be easily linked within a larger network, as in franchise, chain or other multi-location environments
  • A series of web-based back-office applications extend value beyond the traditional electronic cash register
  • Price lookup (PLU) file management
  • Inventory control and management
  • Accounting functions, with multi-journal capability
  • General business management
  • Staff management with employee time card capability
  • Processes Credit, Debit, Smart Cards, Gift Cards, Cash, EBT, and Check Guarantee


  • Processor:  32-bit Motorola 68xxx-series microprocessor
  • Memory:  1MB Flash memory, 2MB RAM
  • Magnetic Card Reader:  Dual Track (track 1 & 2); Optional 3 track reader
  • Display:  2 x 16 character LCD Backlit (2 each) Merchant and Customer
  • Dial Modem:  1200/2400 bps modem
  • Smart Card:  Optional -EMV 2000 Level 1, ISO 7816
  • SAM Sockets: (4 optional) SAM sockets
  • Peripheral Ports: 3 x RS-232 (Comm), RS-232 (PINpad), 2 x RJ-11 phone jack, Mollex, D-type for display, PS2 DIN
  • Printer: Thermal graphic printer, 12.5 lines per second
  • Keypad:  36-key keypad with dept & PLU hotkeys
  • Physical:  9"L x 10.5"W x 4"H – Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Power:  AC/DC power adapter 14.5 Vdc / 1.5 Amp



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