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NURIT 8000 Mobile Credit Card Terminal

NURIT 8000 Mobile Credit Card Machine

The NURIT 8000 Mobile Credit Card Machine is a flexible, lightweight, handheld terminal that enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for mobile merchants. The NURIT 8000’s sophisticated multi-application platform supports a range of payment & value-added services – including credit, debit, T&E,  smart cards, prepaid, and proprietary cards – as well as business management solutions such as inventory control, dispatch, delivery, etc. The NURIT 8000 wireless credit card machine supports a variety of cellular networks, and comes to your ready to use with newest GPRS wireless network. The GPRS provides the most extensive and reliable service of any wireless network. The NURIT 8000 includes an easy-to-load thermal printer, a touch screen, built-in PINPad, smart card reader and 12 hour battery with external charger.


Product Description

NURIT 8000 Mobile Credit Card Machine

The Brand New NURIT 8000 Wireless Credit Card Machine is the cutting edge when it comes to wireless and portable credit card processing. This wireless credit card machine is small, comfortable to hold. The NURIT 8000 is fast and flexible and is everything a merchant needs in a compact handheld transaction solution. The NURIT 8000 wireless credit card machine is ready when you are to process your customers’ electronic transactions quickly, easily, and above all, securely. With so much speed, power and performance packed into a tiny footprint, the NURIT 8000 will amaze you with its ability to satisfy any merchant need. Its brilliant ASIC chip design reduces size, cost and power consumption without sacrificing functionality. In addition to lowering the merchant’s total cost of ownership, the NURIT 8000 mobile credit card system provides a powerful new M-commerce Internet framework. Merchants can use the NURIT 8000 to introduce profitable revenue-generating programs, such as on-screen advertising, loyalty applications, coupons, incentive-promotions and more. It’s a payment device, a management assistant, a handy productivity tool. The NURIT 8000 can also support third party merchant applications, such as address book and notepad, plus messaging capabilities. It’s like having a working mobile office right at your fingertips.

The NURIT 8000 credit card machine works hard and smart to eliminate redundant equipment. It processes a full range of merchant payment transactions at the highest levels of security, especially since customers swipe their own cards. Once again, Lipman NURIT technology delivers: enhancing the consumer transaction experience every step of the way. Be sure to ask your service provider how the NURIT 8000 Wireless Palmtop Credit Card Machine Solution can satisfy your demanding customers’ needs today and tomorrow, while improving your business performance.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • Superior Wireless Coverage Available on GPRS & Mobitex
  • Lightweight, Compact & Durable
  • On Screen Signature Capture
  • Easy Load Drop in Paper Loader
  • Store & Forward Technology
  • Internal Pin Pad For Atm/Debit & Optional Smart Card Reader
  • Backlit keyboard and large graphical backlit display are easy to read in the dark
  • Electronic signature capture speeds the transaction and archives the image.


  • Processor: 32-bit RISC (ARM)
  • Memory: 2 MB Flash EPROM, extendable to 4 MB, for S/W and 512K battery-backed SRAM, extendable to 2 MB
  • Wireless Communications Dual band GSM TM 850/1900 MHz; International frequency 900/1800 MHz
  • Magnetic Card Reader: Dual track reader (track 1&2)
  • Display: Large 128 x128 pixel graphical backlit (2.25 x 2.25 inch) display
  • Peripheral Ports: RS-232 (comm port); Four general purpose data I/O ports
  • Wireless connectivity Options: Infra-red (IraDA) interface; GSM, CDPD, Motient, Mobitex
  • Printer: 12.5 line per sec graphical thermal printer
  • Keypad: 18-key backlit keypad (no overlay needed); Programmable function keys
  • Physical: 9.06"L x 4.26"W x 3.23"H – Weight: 1.2 lbs. (including paper roll & battery pack)
  • Modem: 1200/2400/14400 bps modem; Dialup Connectivity Options: asynchronous, synchronous



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