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NURIT 8320 Credit Card Machine

NURIT 8320 Credit Card Machine

The Lipman NURIT 8320 is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Exceptionally secure, reliable and easy-to-handle, the Lipman NURIT 8320 includes a high speed modem and thermal printer. A multi-application environment supports a range of applications, including; credit and debit, loyalty, gift and proprietary cards and enables value-added applications such as prepaid services.


Product Description

NURIT 8320 Credit Card Machine

The compact and flexible Lipman NURIT 8320 point-of-sale (POS) credit card machine was designed for the many small and medium sized businesses looking to accept credit cards through a merchant account in environments that require an all in one landline credit card terminal that is completely secure, reliable and easy for merchants to handle. The  Lipman NURIT 8320 Credit Card Machine is a high performance, multifunction POS System that incorporates a secure internal PINpad, high speed credit card processing software, a high speed modem, a quiet fast thermal printer, magnetic card swipe, and a smart card reader. To accept credit cards through a merchant account, this credit card machine by Lipman NURIT is one of the most reliable point of sale terminals available in the credit card processing and merchant account industry. It can be used to accept credit cards through retail merchant accounts but also has a keypad enabling the merchant to manually key in credit card numbers to perform credit card processing for mail order merchant accounts, phone order merchant accounts, internet merchant accounts or e-commerce merchant accounts. Complete with external ports for check reader and PINpad this piece of credit card equipment can perform a variety of credit card processing and merchant account functions including but not limited to ones in which the credit card machine must be able to run programs to accept credit cards, accept debit cards, accept check cards, accept ATM cards and accept checks via check guarantee, check verification and check truncation

This piece of credit card processing equipment is also capable of running multiple value added merchant services including ones that accept gift cards, accept loyalty cards and prepaid phone cards and prepaid debit cards. It comes complete with external ports for External PINpad, Signature Capture, Check Reader/ Imager, Barcode Reader, and Cash register. This Lipman Lipman NURIT 8320 point-of-sale (POS) credit card machine is a highly advanced model capable of adapting to the ongoing changes in the merchant account and credit card processing industry. This POS, Point Of Sale System is a highly advanced credit card terminal and a superior choice for the small or large merchant accounts looking to increase revenue by accepting credit cards and all other forms of electronic payments through their credit card machine.

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Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs

Additional Information


  • Built in radio modem
  • Internal PIN Pad with DES and triple DES
  • compact, ergonomically designed
  • Battery status monitor
  • Built in Smart Card reader
  • Fast 32-bit ARM 7 processor


  • Microprocessor – Powerful 32-bit Motorola, type EC68000 microprocessor
  • Memory – 1MB Flash memory for application programs; 256KB RAM for transaction storage with battery back-up
  • Display – High visibility, 2-Line by 16 character backlit display
  • Card Reader – Dual-track, bi-directional card reader
  • Keypad – Programmable quick access function keys; 8 total programmable function and soft keys
  • Peripheral Ports – 2 RJ-11 ports; 2 RS-232 ports; 1 ext. PINpad port
  • Printer – High-speed, 12.5 lines per second fully integrated internal thermal printer
  • Modem – 2400 bps adjustable modem
  • Physical – H: 3 in.; W: 5.75 in.; D: 10 in.



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