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VeriFone PP1000se PINpad
VeriFone PIN pad 1000SEVeriFone PP1000se PINpadVeriFone PP1000se PINpadVeriFone PP1000se PINpad

VeriFone PP1000SE PIN Pad

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The VeriFone 1000SE PINpad allows you to offer PIN-based debit card transactions to your customers Flexible, secure and easy to use, the VeriFone 1000SE PINpad is a good choice. The VeriFone 1000SE PINPad is the answer for all of your PIN-based transaction needs. The 8-character display allows your customers to enter their PINs carefully and confirm the purchase total. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of using their debit or ATM cards.

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VeriFone PP1000SE PIN Pad

VeriFone’s PINpad 1000SE provides the perfect solution for acquirers, processors, and merchants looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of debit, EBT, and other PIN-based transactions. Easily connecting with most existing POS terminals, credit card machines, or electronic cash registers, the VeriFone PINpad 1000SE offers a fast, simple way to be able to accept the latest in PIN-based payment. The PED-compliant VeriFone PINpad 1000SE puts merchants on the card industry’s leading edge by incorporating a broad array of sophisticated security features to guard against fraud and abuse. This includes full support for the Triple DES (3DES) encryption standard, and a choice of Master/Session or DUKPT (Derived Unique Key Per Transaction) key-management methods.

The VeriFone PINpad 1000SE also supports MAC (Message Authentication Code). This technique protects the debit transaction data from accidental or fraudulent tampering during the transfer to its host. The VeriFone PINpad 1000SE features improved ergonomics with large, hard-rubber keys for ease of use, and a sleek new design that fits in the palm of a hand. The device is rugged and reliable, built to withstand the hard knocks at the point of sale. Most importantly, the VeriFone PINpad 1000SE is fully compatible with the legacy VeriFone PINpad 1000 and VeriFone PINpad 101 families.

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  • Works with VeriFone and other terminals, PCs and electronic cash register (ECR) systems
  • Encrypts PINs before sending them through your POS device or terminal
  • Features an easy-to-clean, sealed membrane keypad that is highly resistant to spills
  • Fits in the palm of the hand for easy and confidential data entry
  • Perfect for: Boutiques; Retail Shops; Convenience Stores; Department Stores; Grocery Stores; Kiosks; Supermarkets; Discount Outlets; Cinemas & Theaters; Restaurants & Coffee Shops
  • 8-character display for clear display and entry
  • 16 large, hard-rubber keys
  • Supports PIN input for debit, EBT, and other PIN-based transactions
  • Supports multiple languages


  • Display: 8-character, LCD; shows 16 characters with scrolling
  • PIN Encryption: Triple DES
  • Communication: 1200/2400/4800/9600 baud asynchronous
  • Magnetic Card Reader: Dual Track (track 1 & 2); Optional 3 track reader
  • Keypad: 16-key ergonomic keypad
  • Physical: 5.9"L x 2.68"W x 1.46"H; weight .5 lbs
  • Power: 6-14 VDC, max 0.3 watts



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