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VeriFone VX 820 PIN Pad
VeriFone VX 820 PIN PadVeriFone VX 820 PIN Pad

VeriFone VX 820 PIN Pad

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The VeriFone VX 820 PIN Pad, with its high resolution 3.5″ color touch screen and illuminated backlight keys, ensures readability and usability in any environment. It enables you to deliver targeted promotions and branding messages, resulting in a pleasant customer experience and increased loyalty, ultimately leading to greater revenue.

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Product Description

VeriFone VX 820 PIN Pad

VeriFone’s VX 820 PIN Pad puts unmatched payment power and convenience into consumers’ hands. Incredibly easy to use and readable in any environment, the slim, stylish payment device provides access to limitless capabilities – while ensuring unsurpassed security and reliability thanks to the VX Evolution platform.

The VX820 PIN Pad is available with VeriFone’s NFC software technology, enabling full flexibility to manage multiple NFC mobile wallets, apps and programs. All apps are fully insulated and firewalled from each other and existing payment apps, ensuring complete security on payment transactions while adding wallets, value-add offers, coupons and loyalty support.

While consumers can use the VX 820 PIN pad to enter their PINs for convenient and private payments, merchants can display their logos and other graphics to improve customer recognition and loyalty. The future-proof VX 820 supports credit, debit and EMV transactions, and includes integrated NFC/contactless technology for alternative payments. The slim, stylish payment device is easy to use, and backed by the secure VX Evolution platform.

The VX 820’s fully programmable PIN pad securely and efficiently handles credit, PIN-based debit and EMV smart card transactions. And, the VX 820’s blazing fast 400 MHz ARM 11 processor and 160 MB of memory enable merchants to simultaneously run more applications and makes short work of transactions.

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  • 400 Megahertz ARM11 processor
  • Backlit Display
  • Contactless Payment Capable
  • Graphical Printing
  • Graphical LCD Display
  • Bi-Directional, Triple Track Card Reader
  • Smart Card Capable
  • Splash Resistant Keypad
  • Touch Screen Display
  • 3DES & AES Encryption
  • Master Session
  • DUPKT Key


  • Processor: 400 MHz ARM11 32-bit processor
  • Memory: 160MB Flash; 32MB SDRAM
  • Additional Memory Expansion: 500MB
  • Card Reader: Bi-Directional, Triple Track
  • Connectivity: Built-In ISDN Modem, Ethernet
  • Ports: Powered USB (client);RS-232;USB 1.0;USB 2.0
  • Security Access Modules: (SAM) 3
  • Modem Speed: 33.60 Kbps
  • Display: 240 x 320 pixel colour TFT, supports upto 26 lines x 26 characters, 8 soft-function keys and 4 screens-addressable keys via touchscreen
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • KeyPad: 3×4 Numeric Keypad, Keys can be simulated on Touch Screen



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